The Big Questions

Finding the right property agent to manage your property can mean the difference between healthy or poor returns on your investment.

What you need to look for when selecting a property agent

Selecting a good property agent is crucial, some agents clearly work for the landlord while others appear to work for the tenant. You should always select one that always looks after the landlords interest (you) rather than the tenants interest.

Putting your interests first

Some agents take on a role of mediator between the tenant and the landlord rather than representing the landlord – and this would be inappropriate since it is you, the landlord that pay the agents commission (usually between 8-10% of the rental income) and you should rightly expect that your interests in the management of your property take priority.

Beware the lazy agent

You should also be on the lookout for ‘lazy’ realestate agents who are happy to collect their weekly rent payment from while doing virtually nothing in return. Lazy agents are ones that rarely go near the property, they don’t organise inspections and they don’t keep you regularly informed of the status of your rental. The first time that the property needs a new tenant, agents like this will be the first ones to suggest reducing the rental on the property so that they can quickly get another tenant in and resume collection of their fees.

Where our experience counts

Because AusHomes have built so many investment properties overtime, we regularly deal with agents so we know who is reputable and who is not. We will steer you in the right direction to find an agent that puts your interests first, an agent that is firm but fair with your tenants and likewise an agent that is not afraid to seek legal restitution from tenants if they have done the wrong thing by you.